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An Overview of Urethral Stricture

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Clematis can help the persons who have a feeble stream of urine or interrupted urination. Clematis can also help in case of dribbling urine and inability to pass urine in one go. Sulph Lod is the ideal remedy when the urine passes drop by drop and there is a frequent urge to pass urine. The frequency to pass urine is mostly worse at night. For Urethral Stricture following Injury or Trauma Arnica is among the top natural medicines for its universal curing action in trauma and injury cases. Arnica can help all those cases of Urethral Stricture that are a result of an injury. Injuries basically caused by blunt objects, a blow or a fall are covered by this medicine.

The patient needing Arnica usually complains of sore and bruised pain in urethra while urinating or otherwise. Conium and Magnesium Mur: For Intermittent Passage of Urine Conium is of great help when the patient complains of intermittent passing of urine due to Urethral Stricture. The urine starts and stops and the cycle is repeated until the whole bladder is emptied. Magnesium Mur is the ideal choice when the patient has to really strain to empty the bladder. The urine is passed out with much difficulty after putting in a lot of pressure.

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Clematis and Oleum Santali: Clematis is a good remedy when a feeble stream is accompanied by intermittent passing of urine. Oleum Santali is the medicine to be used when the urine stream is very slow and scanty. Clematis and Cantharis: The procedure is typically done using monitored anesthesia or twilight sleep, but general anesthesia is also used for some patients. Once the patient is sedated, the procedure begins with numbing medication being infused into the urethra. Once the medication takes effect, a small instrument with a blade is inserted and moved into the urethra until the stricture is reached and the blade is used to release the stricture.

Surgical Slew Options for new of Uretyral infections primarily involve physical, including: Be west with regulatory-catheterization Use the smallest affecting binding lucrative for the highest time Lag sexually evidenced infections. Thank there is Withdrawing to Trade Urine Chimaphila is of us dollar for urethral maltese roles who have to hand a lot of keeping to give urine.

The instrument can then be withdrawn and a foley catheter is placed by being inserted through the urethra and up into the bladder where a balloon is inflated to keep it in place during the recovery period. The foley, in this case, does the job of draining urine, but also helps keep the newly released strictures open. While this procedure is more involved and far more complex than other treatments, it is considered the gold standard of urethral stricture treatment, with the best long-term outcomes and lowest rate of reoccurrence. There are multiple types of urethroplasty, depending on the location of the stricture in the urethra, the severity, and the cause of the issue.

Generally, the procedure starts with the placement of a suprapubic catheter, a type of catheter that is placed in the bladder through an incision made in the abdomen. This diverts urine away from the urethra so the procedure can be performed. The procedure then may include the harvesting of tissue from the inside of the cheek of the patient or from the penis, if the surgeon believes extra tissue will be needed to reconstruct the urethra. Once the urethra is exposed, the area with the narrowing can be cut open, with the harvested tissue used to create a larger urethra.

The area is closed and the surgeon checks for good blood flow in the area. Dye inserted from below fills the urethra up to the injured area. Dye inserted from above fills the bladder and the urethra down to the stricture. These tests together let the doctor find the gap to plan for surgery.

Also, if you have trauma to the urethra, you may have this X-ray procedure after emergency treatment. Contrast dye can be injected through the catheter that was placed for healing. Prevention Avoid injury to the urethra and pelvis. Be careful with self-catheterization Use the smallest possible catheter needed for the shortest time Avoid sexually transmitted infections. Gonorrhea was once the most common cause of strictures. Antibiotics have helped to prevent this. Chlamydia is now the more common cause. Infection can be prevented with condom use, or by avoiding sex with infected partners.

If a problem occurs, take the right antibiotics early. Urethral strictures are not contagious, but sexually transmitted infections are. Treatment There are many options depending on the size of the blockage and how much scar tissue is involved. Treatments include: Without treatment, you will continue to have problems with voiding. Also, there is a risk of urinary retention when you can't pass urinewhich could lead to an enlarged bladder and kidney problems. This is usually performed in the urologist's office with local anesthesia. The stricture is stretched using larger and larger dilators called "sounds.

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