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The Captivity of Motherhood

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But a quarter of the mothers who stay at sitis have college degrees and mkms some. The shift in language—from housewife to SAHM—suggests that where running a household was once a vocation, now motherhood is. Thanks to Title IX, they played sports that were off limits to a previous generation. Now, as middle- and upper-income women who stay home with kids they have recourse to no-fault divorce, laws protecting them from workplace discrimination, and access to birth control and abortion. And yet. The educated woman who stays home now may face a measure of not only the longing and lack of fulfillment that Johnson and Friedan articulated, but also the awkward silence and turning away at a cocktail party—the lack of interest when she says she is a stay-at-home mother.

She is in for a heaping helping of something relatively new: Today, some women are more subject to certain forms of misogyny than they have ever been. The flourishing of home-economics courses, with their whiff of pre-professionalization, suggested that being a homemaker was a practice and an identity that mattered, something to learn and to be, proudly.

If you did it right, you could sltia the family unit money. You could contribute, without participating in the labor force for paid work, to the financial health and well ,oms of your household. There was a certain respect for the housewife, even Lpnely the very moniker relegated her to a second-class sphere: And not infrequently, this led to a version—albeit a compromised one, easily eroded by forces outside the home—of equality under one roof. Their husbands might earn the money, but their wives were in charge of it. Mainly looking for a casual experience, but if i realy like you and you take care of me then maybe we can do more?

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