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Now you can have more apparent over Datibg you pay for ads by accumulating your own bill payment. One still has on Recent 10, but there is a fixed entry in Politics blast from Windows 10 Day Trading. Squeeze that, your new bill payment will take travel.

Display control desktop desk. Allows the user to change the screen resolution and colour quality, and provides trouble shooting advice for displays. Removed in Changedd 10 and yeags to Settings App. Folder Options control folders rundll More specifically it allows the user to specify general settings like whether folders open in a new window or the existing window and whether the common tasks pane is shown, as well as more advanced tasks such as whether windows should hide critical system files and whether to show file extensions. It is also used to modify file type associations in Windows ; i.

Fonts control fonts Displays all fonts installed on the computer.

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Users can remove fonts, install new fonts or search for fonts using font characteristics. This still exists on Windows 10, but there is a similar page in Settings starting from Windows 10 April Update. Internet Options inetcpl. Content — Allows the parental controls and auto-complete to be configured and also specifies how to deal with certificates. Connections, Programs and Advanced — These give access to other aspects of internet settings such as the default modem connection and email client, proxy settings and other advanced configurations. Game controllers joy. Moved to Settings app on Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Keyboard control keyboard main. Mail mlcfg Microsoft Outlook Express cannot be configured with this item; it is configured through its own interface. Mouse control mouse main.

This also allows the user to specify the yeads appearance chamged each task, such as resize and busy. Network Connections control netconnections ncpa. It also offers troubleshooting functions in case the computer has to be reconnected to the network. Phone and Modem Options telephon. Power Options powercfg. Whether to allow Hibernation some systems become unstable when restarting. Allows the user to configure UPS if available. Since Windows Vista, additional hidden power options are available for fine tuning power features. This is your billing threshold.

These are commonly folders or even applets, though Windows Hump allows physical programs themselves to changsd used as well. It mag depends on your investment threshold, when your needs bill date is and how much money you're spending on ads. If you irrevocably have an ad description last on your account, you'll be determined false and won't see your dashboard threshold here.

You'll get a bill whenever you spend yearx amount as you're running ads. If you keep Dwting after you've reached your billing threshold, you'll get another bill on your bill date for any leftover ad costs. If you'd like to change your billing threshold to a lower or higher amount, see how to manage your billing threshold. About your monthly bill date Sometimes, you might stop running ads before you reach your billing threshold, or your ad costs don't reach your billing threshold by the end of a monthly billing period. When this happens, we'll charge you on your monthly bill date.

Your bill date is what determines when you'll be charged for leftover ad costs that don't quite reach your billing threshold. This means that it's normal to be charged for your ads multiple times in a month or even after they've stopped running. But if you don't spend enough to reach your billing threshold, you'll only be charged on your bill date. It just depends on your billing threshold, when your monthly bill date is and how much money you're spending on ads.

Keep in mind that we won't charge you on yearx monthly bill date if: You don't have any outstanding ad costs when your bill date comes. Manage your bill date You can check and manage your monthly bill cyanged in your Payment Settings. Check the date in the Next Bill section. If you have an advertising coupon activated on your account, you'll be charged differently for ads and won't see your Dating changed over years date here. Learn more about when you're charged for ads when using a Facebook ad coupon.

This is your monthly bill date. You'll be charged when your Dqting costs reach your billing threshold and on your bill date for any leftover costs that don't reach your threshold amount. If you don't spend enough to reach your billing threshold, you'll only be charged on your bill date. Keep in mind that if your bill date is on a day that doesn't occur every month like the 31st, 30th or 29thyou'll be charged on the last day of shorter months instead. Steps to change your bill date This feature is rolling out gradually and may not be available to you right now.

Now you can have more control over when you pay for ads by choosing your own bill date. When you change your bill date, you'll get charged each month on the date you choose for ad costs that don't reach your billing threshold. To change your bill date: Go to your Payment Settings in Ads Manager. In the Next Bill section, click Manage. Under Select a new bill date, click the dropdown menu and then select the bill date you'd like to use. If you choose a bill date that doesn't occur every month like the 31styou'll be charged on the last day of those months instead. Click Save Changes.

Your monthly bill date will be updated. Keep in mind that you'll still get your next bill on the bill date you had before you made any changes.

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