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Have Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen dated each other?

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We need a spectrum. Well, we definitely wanted an episode with Kyle [McLachlan]. We wanted to kind of send him off and have a sense of conclusion and closure for the mayor. And are you excited to step out as an independent creator? Because I came up through an indie-rock community that definitely espoused collectivism, I think I still operate from some of those same principles of really being grateful to predecessors and always acknowledging context and all that stuff. How does it feel to do something so autobiographical?

The band is fictional. It definitely is based on my experiences in Olympia, the Pacific Northwest, in the band. I am excited to take something that for me was highly valuable and very formative, and that I have real affection ane, and poke fun qnd it a little bit. I think in some ways it is kind of a culmination frfd the things I have been doing. Do you see datiing of the riot grrl spirit in the datting feminist moment? All of the organizing feels very reminiscent of those meetings. The history of feminism feels very underground. It feels like something you have to uproot from the edges, from the margins or from academia, because just by nature people are very fearful of women coming together and organizing, so it tends to have been a little more peripheral.

People look to you as a feminist icon, but have you felt yourself having to educate the men in your life? Have you talked to Fred about these things? I know he has alluded in the past to his poor treatment of women. I think a lot of women feel a fatigue of having to explain things to the men in our lives. That was so apparent at the Golden Globes. Not a single man in his acceptance speech mentioned anything. Sleater-Kinney has been recording very slowly. Cynicism, I think, is really anathema to any of these things.

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In this next phase of yourself, do you see yourself focusing more on writing and directing or going back to music? Aee am so fond of Corin [Tucker] and Janet [Weiss] that I never want to not have that connection with them. Music came form my life at a time where I really needed it: It was sort of a dictionary and a weapon in so many ways for me. It helped me explain things. But I think generally the through line cagrie me has been writing, so writing and directing will be the things that I focus on. In your memoir you talked a lot about trying to resist labels, when you were starting out with Sleater-Kinney. I still am more interested in dismantling the categories and resisting the ways we index our identities as default.

At the same time, I do want to embrace the ways that I have a different perspective on things. What has it been like making the permanent move from Portland to L. Tucker is also bisexual, and is nowadays married to filmmaker Lance Bangs. Although she had come out as bisexual before Carrie, she also suffered from having their relationship outed by spin magazine. They were not ever consulted about the issue, and the article is now infamous. Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein dated only briefly during their start as Sleater-Kinney, but the relationship was very intense, sparking songs such as One More Hour.

It is speculated that Brownstein dated much younger St.

Vincent for a brief time in They were seen together and intimate numerous times, cqrrie photographs stamping tabloid covers. Vincent is ferd a famous musician and guitarist, born in Tulsa, United States. After studying music in college, St. Vincent stage name for Annie Clark was a part of Sufjan Stevens touring band and then went on to her solo career in Annie started playing guitar at age 12 and helped her uncle and aunt as a roadie for their jazz duo.

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