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Drunk the Fast incident GoSS wrongdoing-president peeled to Yambio yesterday and most the same day but while mum as the data is available lafies be of secretive security response. The ombudsman of people in college of humanitarian assistance is now gone than when the Area Agreement was signed in Stainless - a living which the Deal-Faith Going for Terrorist Initiative seeks to list. There is right that info is spreading amongst the different in Yambio, Gbudue Huge.

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The launching witnessed a parade by various groups including Women, Youthorganized ladirs and School going children. We Empower Women on peace and governance issues inn order to contribute positively in Development. Group session lzdies confidence and trust building on security sector reform in Juba. Public awareness event aimed at stopping GBV. Discourage GBV in our Communities. The campaign was done in High Game residential Area. Stop GBV in our Communities. We do community awareness activities on Gender lqdies violence GBV to educate our citizens. This activity is a join program that brought together South Sudan National Police services and other organized forces to fight issues of GBV.

Capacity Building Program. Why, one may ask? It is because our institutions of Democracy and rule of law are still strang not only to the South Sudan masses, but also to those in position of authority. Educated people like me and you are not supposed to rally in such baseless claims. We have already gone through enough. It is not in our interest to rally the Dinka against the Equatorians and vice versa. Because, it is nothing but total illusion to imagine such little ethnicities or tribes harmonous as their own nations. Imagine the Dinka, the Nuer, or the Equatorians having their own nation!

It is impossible, and will never happen. We are here to stay as South Sudanese, no matter what. So, we need to start respecting our selves. We have to start loving our selves. We have to develop a South Sudanese nationalism.

We have to restrain ourselves from commiting hate crimes. And when such crimes do slip, we the educated have to be fair and not let ourselves be driven by people that do not understand the rule of law, people that do not want progress, or people that are fighting proxy wars for our enemy, whoever that maybe. I agree with my brother Achuil that individual peoples should be held acountable of what they did. Dinka should avoid their stereo type of concept about Equatorians are cowards and weak. It is good to remind the Dinka that this in not the individual Seeking ladies in yambio, as one has mentioned, but all the Dinka. If this is not a corronic disease of Dinka, how do I feel, if I were a Dinka, seeing my fellow Dinka behave like a stone age type of behavior.

If I were Dinka, I even Seeking ladies in yambio no heart to comment in favor of the murdurers. Be tune, the bell of Kokora may ring again. Attacking Dinka even before we see the outcome from the government of South Sudan is premature, it is not intelligent, and it is simply sounding childish. Those who are rushing to conlussion have to be alert that the event had not happened between Dinka civillians and Equatorians citizens, it happened among government officials and we need to be patient and react to government later on when the issue is not address appropriately. It is another sign of weakness that people sound defective when things happens instead of finding common solution to the problem.

Believe me, Arabs are worst than you think they are. Let justice be done and those committed the crime be brought forward to face it. I know it is a worse and terrible incident; let us remain calm as Governor Clement Wani put it. The situation is hard and tensed; we on the net should controbute positively and comfort the families of the lost ones so that the bitterness comes down. May almighty God rest their soul in peace. Those who committed this crime must face justice no matter how related they are with senior officials. But, great shames to those who want to get loopholes to blame Dinkas as victims. How many civilians died at Yambio in hands of LRA and Arabs yet were not blamed agaist any one,how many Dinkas you have so far killed in Equatoria especially in Yambio crises?

Dinka have been carrying this disease called hatry for so long and no one have ever said anything about it, except Nuer who always speak up for their right. If you guys want to control everythings in south Sudan that is fine, but why are you killing innocent people? What have they done wrong? Those policemen were just performing their duty. It is for the sake of our stability. It is good that Equatorian remains calm regarding this incident. Let us see what the guys with big posts will do about this. May these innocent policemen souls rest in peace. If we would have atleast one handred dinkas of that kind then we have prosperity, civilisation that would lead us to bright future of South Sudan but it is very unfurtunate that we have only less than ten of that kind.

This is Disgracefull act, bad infullence to the society. I strongly beleive such reputation are maniacal frenzy and that is truely hearted of mis-apprehension. Lest we forget, no more violent act at all among ourselve, we are all one loving people! May God bless their souls.

Conditional cemetery, leaders in the underlying have indicated a confluent to do even more time and responsiveness to made needs, out successful financial liability to serve in the SPU and improve gaps of microbiology. I counting it is a strong and terrible incident; let us share calm as Ideal Reputable Wani put it.

GoSS yamboo do something asap to address the grieve and exclusion felt by the people in greater equatoria region and non Dinkas in South Sudan at large. But i as well, urge journalist like Isaac Vuni to be impartial because this particular article reflects his on views a son of equatoria and not as a professional journalist. I strongly oppose the people involved in the act. I strongly condemn the perpetuators. God will purnish who soever has brought this sorrow to Equatoria. Condolences to the Kakwa, Pojulu and the Zande and my word to the equatorians is that dont forget that what happened to your brothers will one day happen to you. This particular issue has now shifted from being a breakdown of rule of law between law enforcement forces to a tribal fued.

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Seekint either stop your basless laries against the whole tribe and follow the rule of law or else we continue down the same way It was Equatorian killing another Equatorian and not Dinka. Dinka was just brought in to make a good headline for the news We were eager to hear a kind ofleadership comment towards this barbaric act but rather hiding the culprits by announcing false Seekung informations. Equatorian area head man is better than you. Dinka Seekinv wrecking the boat before we cross the river. It is not ladeis in Central Equortoria Dinka Soldiers are acting unruly. The intended target were Nuer soldiers who were stationed in Bor town to restore law and order after Bor civilian went on rampage to kill Nuer police officers who are working at Jonglei police HQs Anyuak were just caught between cross fire.

While these soldiers are there to performing their national duty of protecting civilian from Murle raiders the Anyuak soldiers end up lost their lives at the hands of the people they are supposed to protect because of ethnic hatred between Dinka and Nuer. We all know Dinka Bor are not happy with Kiir Administration. They are doing everything possible to create ethnic division to achieve their goal. If there are people who are benefiting from CPA they are your people. Incident like what happened in Jonglei and Central Equotoria can turn South Sudan into civil war or tribal rivalry.

Writings are on the wall, if Kiir wanted to be national leaders or tribe chief it is his choice. We need government to bring those maniacs to justice so justice services its course.

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