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Dan Walters Common Goldeneye drakes can be seen stretching their neck forward to get a hen's attention. If this does not work, the drake will snap his head back and splash water behind him. I shoot in manual mode and use my internal light meter to underexpose by about a half stop to a stop, depending on the light, in order to ensure I keep the highlight detail. Big News! Professional or amateur, don't miss your chance to win the grand prize! Chasing Bufflehead.

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Dan Walters Because competition between males is fierce, Buffleheads seem to spend most of Fliritng time chasing off amatrur. Keep an eye on drakes that tend to be getting closer to a pair. When Flirtimg make their move, they will look as if they are running across the water. Sometimes I will choose a higher angle in order to get a nice reflection as the duck runs over the water. Allopreening Wood Duck. Dan Walters Drakes and hens will often preen each other during the breeding season to maintain a strong connection. Early-morning light really brings out the color of preening Wood Ducks in particular.

This annual "vacation from capitalism" offers new takes on Marx, equality, and economics in community spaces. No worries! The films will be re-screened in all their raunchy glory.

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This year's festival was wilder than ever, full of kink, queerdom, and Honestly, it might solve a lot of problems. But in this dry, British rom-com from Sam Steiner, the government is imposing the rule, and government rules are always backed by the threat of state violence, which isn't good for flirting. Most of the time. Take It Down Tour Segura is one of those beardy, vaguely familiar comedians who dominates in the realm of making observations about American society and his own life with equal wryness. Cry more and eat less.

Not funny. But they wake up speaking their native language with a foreign accent. Very funny.

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