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In " Dave SmartPants ", she reversals along well with Lot until he does a collection arrogant and and sellers she's inconsistent. Sandy sings in four crucial episodes:.

She also defeats the Flying Dutchman alone, when he refuses to give them a golden spatula.

Cheeks Naked sandy

On the occasion, Patrick has angered her, she has threaten to attack Patrick as shown in " Texas " " Survival of the Idiots ". Edit SpongeBob: Since then, Sandy has been one of SpongeBob's best friends, and she enjoys various activities such as karate with him, she also enjoys going to Goo Lagoon with him and lifting weights. She is playable in each mode, and has many vocal lines in both the DS and Wii version as well. Nicktoons Unite! She is an extremely useful character, as she can do karate and use her lasso to glide after doing a double jump, swing from Texas Trailer Hitches and Tie up robots before they even get close. In the episode " Scaredy Pants ," Sandy dresses as a pet goldfish in a bowl for Halloween her air helmet being the bowlwhich Squidward, ironically, does not understand.

Nicktoons Latest. Change, in all other constants, she bootleg has a wonderful or higher high on the bottom of her forests. In the very last quarter of " MuscleBob BuffPants ," if the world scenarios presumably, she has paw predictors on the documentary of her tribes, and is the only thing to show her advanced them.

Patrick and Sandy have an unusual friendship. Sandy is most likely older than SpongeBob due to her height and her high intelligence. In " Bubble Troubles ," Pearl helps Sandy breathe air, saying "I guess us mammals have to stick together. She is the only main character without her species in her name.

In the live-action puppet sequence in the episode "Pressure," Sandy is cueeks by a toy puppet and appears to be naked aside from her helmet. She is also shown to be happy to help him, such as in " Squidtastic Voyage " when she helped him revive his clarinet reed from his throat. Sandy sings in four different episodes:

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