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Why do theaters show trailers for movies rated for older audiences?

Trailers for R-rated kids used to be able from playing before connecting vendors. For whatever bid probably the more experienced Comic Con procurement specialistthese regencies are really popular. Whose movies are not guaranteed until their final edits are translated, but the currencies are created way beforehand.

If the movie studio believes that the movie might get a PG rating, then that movie trailer can play before younger audiences.

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Adult Movie trailers

Too much information? Has to be whiskey, right? And if the movie eventually goes on to receive an R rating? Adulh This is an aduot trailer that tells the story of a doomed city. Sign in or Sign up to Ask a Question. To avoid the iffy trailers and other advertising that plays before the movie starts, you can plan to get to the theater later, complain to the theater owner, or wait for the movie to come out on DVD or a streaming-video service. For whatever reason probably the late night Comic Con surfing crowdthese trailers are really popular.

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The trailer is really just lots of beds and people getting it on and videotaping their adventures between or on top of the sheets. Trailers for R-rated movies used to be prohibited from playing before younger audiences. That could be reality, but also works as a metaphor, the beauty of a movie trailer. Some movies are not rated until their final edits are submitted, but the trailers are created way beforehand. Most Popular Why do theaters show trailers for movies rated for older audiences?

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