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Egyptian women fight sexual harassment

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But a recent survey by a women's group that found widespread harassment of women in Cairo and its environs has propelled the issue to one of the country's hottest topics. Even the government, long hostile to even discussing the subject, now appears ready to act. Legislation to outlaw harassment is before parliament, and police have arrested dozens of alleged perpetrators in recent months. In a landmark case in October, a judge sentenced a truck driver to three years in prison for groping a year-old woman's breasts as she walked by.

The judge sent a serious message that harassment is a serious crime," said Nehad Abul Komsan, the head of the rights group that conducted the survey. It's been common knowledge for years that the problem was widespread, with women mostly talking privately about it. The study by the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights was one of the first efforts to measure the full extent of the harassment. Even more startling: The survey also found that what a woman wore -- in a country where head scarves are common -- did not matter. Of those who reported being harassed, about one-third said they were wearing a scarf and conservative clothing.

Less than one-fifth said they were even more covered up -- wearing a veil and an all-encompassing cloak. The survey sample of 2, Egyptians was divided equally among men and women, and researchers questioned respondents in person in Cairo and its sprawling suburbs. The survey also included responses by foreign women living in Egypt. The high rate of harassment points to larger problems in this mostly conservative Muslim society. Egyptian women rarely report being harassed, to avoid embarrassment or alleged dishonor to their family. Police and security forces have generally taken little interest in stopping the practice, sometimes even harassing women themselves.

Premarital sex is forbidden under Islam, so there many sexually frustrated, often unemployed young men who cannot afford to get married.

Much of the harassment is verbal -- young men hanging out in zagazi on crowded streets hissing comments, some of them vulgar, at passing Gils After the survey came out, a few women wrote first-person accounts in newspaper editorials about being grabbed or insulted by men. Groups of young people started creating campaigns to raise awareness among their peers at universities and throughout Cairo. Do they have a group message? Do they all exist on one website?

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