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There are hundreds of local girls wanting the same you hanker right now — sex. The vaten here resemble those of Schwal bach and Pjrmonl, but are said lo be more powerful. There is little other re- aemblance between this place sod those unattractive spots. The sceoerj of Ibe immediate neighhonrhood is here very fine, and there is ample occupa- tion for the lover of nature io ex- ploring the Hdjoinicg valleys. The principal establishment stands at 4, ft. The vU- lage of Taraep adjoins the castle. Ko stranger should omit to visit the A'offitU, within i hr. I'ho name ia liven to two orifices through which carbonic acid gas, mingled apparently with Eulpburoos acid, issues in such S.

A man walking upright scarcely feels any iacoavrnieoce, but on stoopiog Ibe respiration ia immediately afeeted. Tlie remains of small animals aie usually lo be seen in abundance aboot the spot, which is Iwre of Tcgetation far B considerable space. There are many longer eicnraiont, which will afford occupatioD to the mountaineer. A southern peak of this mountain, 9, ft in height, is easy of acceas. The Editor has no notice of the ascent of the higher summit.

The summit, reached in 4 lira, from Schuls, is said to command the finest general view of the Lower Engadine. An eicursion to the beadof Val Tasna g 34, Rte. H would lead through fine atenery. The mountain ranges on the S. The higher peaks consist in great part of dolomite, and serpentine is present in large masses, Oae of the highest sum- mits is thePii Pisoch ,'imme- diately S. K follows a parallel course, and opens into the main valley close to Vulpera. By one of the lateral branches of thia valley, called Val Minger, it is easy to reach tbe bead of Val Plafna across a rather low pass 7,'and so return to Tarasp.

Several rare minerals have been fooad in the lower pari of Val Scarla, and many interesting otijects doubtless await the naturalist who will explore foond in this neiglibsurhnod maf be taentioaed Linnteu bortalis, Corluta Sfaltliioli, and Cypripedium cakeolui. The Dev road from Schuls is carried along Che 1. The Val d" Uina, opening to SE. The main valley opens out al HemBs 4,iwa'. H enters the Engadine, atands below the ruins of Tschianuff. A short way bi: The passport office and cos- tom-house are cloae to the bridge.

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The ralley of the In. It was utterly destroyed by lire in November I8: KIt ia reached hy a good road that ascends gently along the rl. In the lower villcge is a clean and comfortable inn Steinbock. This stands aC 0. There have been some com- plaints, but the general testimooy is favourable. A large well-built houte H. The Weissea Kreuz lias also very fair accomoiodalion. Lodgings may be engaged atmany of the private houses, hose of M. The visits of strangers have created here the profession of guide, and regu- lations, comprising a tariff, which have been the subject of just animadversion, haveheen esiablishtd.

Thechief guide su rka: Colaiii, Bon of a famona cba- mois-hiinter. The preaent Colani knows the mDnntaina thoronfh- Ij, and haa been a good monniaiDeer, hul is now past active work. It is to the inSiience of Colani thai a narrov jealonay of strange guidea, whether fWini Switzerland or Cbamouni, and the emortionaK terma demanded for the ascent of the higher peaks, have beeo attnbated. Jacob and Panl Mueller, and A. Ambiihl are beat spqken of. It is a general opinion among Englisb travellers that the guides here are not so attentive and obliging in small matters as those of Cbamonni and the Oberland usnallj are. This is perhaps owing to the foct that Ore; bold a higher social position, and that in this part of Swit- serland a tone of equality between classes is more firmly established than in the more frequented dislrio's of the Alps.

The tariff includes most of the minor summits that can by possibility attract tin attention of a stranger.

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